Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jane is Home!!!!

After years of patience and dedicated hard work by Matt and Rachel Setliffe, and after months and months of great faith and many many prayers for Jane in particular, the Setliffes are finally a happy family of four!

And, in typical Setliffe fashion, Baby Jane has already begun to teach us all about God's love through her life! I was thinking back last night about how Rachel had told us that for a long while, only she and Matt could hold and care for Jane. This way she would start to understand that they were her parents. We take this for granted here in the states, especially those many of us who were not adopted. I couldn't quite figure out why this was so profound to me, until last night.

As I was thanking God for bringing Matt, Rachel and Jane home safely, He began to reveal to me this truth.

Jane's situation is not very different from our own!

When we were born (most of us) had the same parents we have today. But in reality, we were dead in our sin, and abandoned by the things in our lives that we thought would satisfy us. We finally come to a point when we are rescued by our savior, Jesus Christ. He spends the rest of our earthly lives showing us that He is our Father, our Provider, our Protector, our Sustainer. That He is the One we should be going to in our time of need, when we are afraid, and even when we want to share our joy! It is not until eternity that I believe we finally, completely, and truly realize that He is our Father.

And just as Matt and Rachel will be consistently showing Jane their love and authority as her parents, God does the same for us!

I'm so thankful that we have a God who does not give up on us, who lovingly chases after us until we come back to Him. He will never leave us nor forsake us. We serve an amazing, loving God!


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