Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hello friends, I know it has been a long long LONG time since I posted. I've had a few thoughts to share, but every time I was about to write it down, something always took my attention away from it... what a coincidence, eh? NOT...

But, while I do have a few ideas still cooking in my head for some posts (stay tuned for a series on my take on the "love languages" of God), For right now I want to alert you all to a need I became aware of this Thanksgiving.

My mom found a single mom who is in an extremely tough spot right now. She just got back to the states with her two daughters, ages 9 and 15. The three of them came to spend thanksgiving with us. She just used her very first check to get them a place to live. Now they have a place, but nothing to put into it. no dressers, nightstands, lamps, you name it. Perhaps it would be easier to tell you what they DO have...

three mattresses (no box springs, no bed frames, JUST the mattresses)
a green plastic lawn table for a "dining room table"
a few metal folding chairs to sit on
and she JUST got a little money for some pots...but not a whole lot of food for those pots to cook.

So, here's my request and challenge to you. Below, I have the specific list of things they brainstormed thanksgiving night, though I'm sure they need more than this. Please look into your hearts, your belongings, anything you can think of, and ask God to guide you in your decision on what, or even whether or not, to donate.

(3) Boxsprings, (2 twin size, 1 full size)
(3) Bedframes (2 twin, 1 full)
(1) Living room set (e.g. sofa, end tables, maybe cocktail tables? bookshelves...look at your living room, what do you have in it?)
(1) Dining table
(2) Dressers
(2) Chests of Drawers
(2) Lamps
(2) Nightstands
(1) Microwave
(1) Toaster
(1) Mixer
(1) Blender

If you can give any of these (or maybe publix gift cards for groceries, or cash donations - my mom is quite craigslist savvy and can find most if not all of this stuff very easily), please comment here or e-mail me at

If any of our Restorers of Streets are reading this, please consider this as a great way to cap off our month's focus on single mothers! She's our sister in Christ, and she just needs a little help in this area. And I cannot give too much info about the job she has, but suffice it to say she would be a great connection to have if we truly want to help the needy in our community! My mom knows her personally, and we have seen the situation they're in, it's absolutely real.

They really are a great family, the girls are very sweet and sharp, with quick quick wit! Believe me, this is a hard working family who deserves our help!

P.S. My step-dad has a pick-up truck, so if you have any of the furniture, he has already told me he would be more than happy to come pick it up in his truck, so you don't even have to worry about bringing it to me! See how easy? Please, guys, lets make this holiday season special for this family!

For those who don't know what I meant by Restorers of Streets, read Isaiah 58, then pray about how you can contribute. Thanks everyone, I know we can all come through for these three amazing women!