Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brush Your Teeth!

(I know, it's been a long time, and yes, I will keep on apologizing every time I've waited too long to post something just deal with it... ok I'm done being mean).

I had a very interesting conversation with God this morning, and as best as I can, I'd like to share it with you. I've been working harder lately on making a daily quiet time a given part of my day. I used to fear having it become simple routine, just something to do because I'm supposed to. However, I've come to the realization that in my life in particular, daily time with God is not going to become a dry, mindless ritual.

However, while I'd been doing very well each day this past week, for the last 3 days or so, my personal, set-apart time with God has been lacking. And boy did it beome evident very very quickly.

I tried to tell God that I'm just no good at making new routines... but God didn't hesitate to give me an answer to my excuse.

"Alex, your daily time with Me is just like brushing your teeth!"

And, instantly, everything else just fell into place and made perfect sense. (Beware, this isn't fluffy and pleasant...)

When you don't brush your teeth, you feel it all day. Once you realize it, you can't help but run your tongue across your teeth and sulk over that rough feeling that would be gone had you brushed. Not to mention your breath isn't all that great. Not only do you notice, but other people may notice, too... and that's never good. And not to mention the disease and death that slowly happens to your teeth and gums when not properly cared for. Sure it doesn't happen by missing once in a while. But if you continually neglect the care of your teeth, it will backfire.

All of the same is true for my daily time with God. If I don't spend that initial time with Him, I feel it all day. I know something was missed and it nags at me. Not to mention my attitude isn't as great. I notice it, and most likely, others notice it, too. And that's never good.

And of course, over time, if I choose to neglect my time with God, I start to see the over-reaching consequences. Before I know it, I've become depressed, discouraged, ready to give up. Whenever this happens, I can always trace it back to having eliminated that vital part of my mornings.

Thankfully, though, God is our healer. Once we come back to Him, and determine in our hearts to not let a day pass without spending quality time with our heavenly Father, He begins to redeem the time lost, and continues His work in us. This is why we are always a "work in progress."

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  1. That was awesome Alex! I totally agree with the whole brushing the teeth analogy. That will definately stay with me. Love ya!